Modern Mod | My 1st Editorial Makeup Shoot

Hey everyone!

The past couple of weeks I have been putting more effort into my freelance makeup artist hustle. As much as I adore applying makeup to my own face, there is something exciting about overcoming the challenge of doing makeup on other people.

The photos featured below will be placed in my portfolio section of the blog. Inspired by the wardrobe stylist, Tiara Chameleon, and her 1984V vintage clothing collection, I wanted the look to be edgy but simple. Thank God for the iconic Twiggy with her deep dark crease, and stringy black lashes. While playing on that past, the full fro’s and landscape give the looks a modern twist.

Wardrobe Stylist: Tiara Chameleon

Photographer: Courtney Wright

Model: Katrice Henry

Modern Mod x 1984V Collection |

Modern Mod x 1984V Collection |

Modern Mod x 1984V Collection |

Originally using a felt tip liquid liner, I found it easier to use a cream based product to outline the crease and create the false black bottom lashes.

Model: Erica Renee

Modern Mod x 1984V Collection |

Erica’s mono lids posed a challenge at first, but I decided to play it safe, keep the eye shadow minimal and play up the eyes with bold, long, false lashes instead.

Modern Mod x 1984V Collection |

Model: Ashley

Modern Mod x 1984V Collection |

I gave Ashley a pop of red eye shadow in the outer v of her cut crease look.

Feedback on anything I post is always appreciated! I hope to present more editorial inspired makeup looks in the future.


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#MOTD | Playing With Color


Happy Monday! Sometimes when I’m bored, I like to pop on a synthetic wig and play with my makeup. For this look I used the Morphe 35B Color Glam palette. As much as I like this look, I gotta be honest – I think Morphe palettes are just ok at best ( and I feel like I can say this because I own 2). Too much hype for eye shadows that can barely blend. The shadows were pigmented tho, I’ll give them that.

Anywhooo…take a peek at my photos and let me know what you think in the comment section.





Should I list details?


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Makeup of The Day | Something Bold

The number one thing that all of my Instagram friends love about this look, is the lip. What is crazy to me is that a year or two ago, you would never catch me creating \ wearing something so bold. Developing your makeup skills and expanding on your craft goes beyond practicing blending techniques and winged liner strokes. The more involved you get, the easier it is to feel secure in yourself and secure in the looks that you want to explore.

I would see ladies in public going all out on their makeup and look STUNNING and I would just sit there in awe (and the slightest bit of envy). It was not so much about the look, as it was the confidence oozing out of their pores. Not only did I love that, but it was something that I wanted for myself but for whatever reason, could not obtain.

Since then, I’ve been able to bring my inner confidence out. By wearing my confidence on my sleeve, I feel like my makeup looks have improved drastically.

Makeup Details:

I used the Tartiest Pro Palette that I recently wrote about in my Sephora Haul blog post.

Lip is from Colourpop Cosmetics – “Dr. M”

On a scale of 1 – extra, how bold of a look is this for your personal style?


Rose Glow Makeup Look | It’s Ok To Be Extra

Hey ya’ll! I created a little something real quick. Originally I filmed this look and planned on posting it on my YouTube channel, but the lighting was pretty horrible and the perfectionist in me wouldn’t allow it.

IMG_1739 (1).jpg

Since the start of my makeup journey, I’ve been obsessed with full glam looks. I think they are so artistic and require practice, patience and skill. It amazes me how creative some of these makeup artist are getting and in some ways, watching them create these looks has helped empower me.

IMG_1740 (1).jpg

I’ve always been a bit afraid to create full glam looks of my own and honestly I have no idea why. What I do know is that its a new year and I can do whatever the hell I want.


I welcome the extra with open arms.

I’m ready for the next phase of my glow up and I hope you all are ready too.



Halloween “Glam Gangsta” Look


I never much cared for Halloween, until I came to college. Halloween is also my anniversary which means, every year I have an excuse to have a over the top couples costume! This year, the costume idea was to be a bank robber, but somehow it turned into a “Glam Gangsta” (and I am not mad about it). I was trying to be unique and instead of wearing all black, I wanted to rock all pink.


I picked up this synthetic wig at my local beauty supply. It was originally a blue/grey color with black roots. I sprayed it with a pink temporary hairspray to match my all pink theme.


For my eyeshadow look, I used the Morphe Color Glam Palette in 35B. The flash on my camera makes the eyeshadow look a bit washed out and not as bright, but trust me, the pink on my eyes was in full effect. On the lids, I used a bit of rose gold glitter that came with a Too Faced eye shadow palette I bought a while back.

I paired this eye shadow with a thin winged eyeliner and these stunning lashes from Sephora. I also drew in a tiny tear drop (to mimic the gangsta look) and placed a touch of the rose gold glitter at the center.


For the lips I wanted something bright pink and bold. I used the Melted Matte Lipstick from Too Faced in the shade 1998. I can honestly say that this product was the driest, cakiest and flakiest liquid lipstick I have ever used. I will be returning it promptly…


To finish off the costume, I rocked a large pink t-shirt from the H&M mens section with my pink adidas hat, and tall booties from Akira. Of course I needed a pink bandana to keep it gangsta (duh).


My boyfriend wore his costume in all black. We looked like a great pair! Peep how my eye makeup is BOOMIN? I am seriously obsessed.

This has been one of my favorite makeup looks thus far. I can’t wait until next year so I can really create something that is over the top. Let me know, in the comment section, what you were for Halloween this year.


#MOTD | Life Update

Ok, in all fairness, the headline is for click bate. The pictures featured on todays blog post are not my makeup look of the day, but rather a older makeup look I did a few weeks ago when I went to see the Chicago Bulls pre-season game.


As far as life updates go, I know I’ve been a bit distant from my blog. My MacBook had been acting funky lately and finally said it’s goodbye’s #tragic. The good news is, I saw this day coming and prepared to buy a new one. Now that I have a faster laptop, I plan on being more present in creating new makeup looks and blog post.


In the meantime, admire this cool toned cut crease makeup look. I used the Urban Decay Smokey eye shadow palette. Kylie Cosmetics – Love Bite lip kit is also featured on the lips.




#ootd | From Summer To Fall


DISCLAIMER – I am NOT, nor do I ever aspire to be, a fashion blogger. I believe that beauty and style are both one way streets. Somewhere along they way, they intersect in the middle and if you utilize both, you can create the perfect look that complements your unique personality. On occasion, I may have a really cute outfit vision that prompts me to arrange a photo-shoot so I can share the look, but that is about it. My knowledge on fashion is very limited.

As far as my taste in fashion goes, I like to keep things simple but polished and a tad bit dramatic (just like my personality!). The majority of my wardrobe is very girly and preppy with a hit of sexy ;). For daytime looks I am inspired by fictional characters such as Blair Waldorf (from Gossip Girl duh!), Chanel No. 1 from Scream Queens (I am loving the start of season 2 btw!) and other TV mean girls that reigned over their peers. For nighttime looks, I think I am some random no name celeb, wearing plunging V-neck shirts and dresses (my signature) while posing for the faux paparazzi (aka my BFF’s). I’m not big on patterns but I do adore stripes. I prefer a neutral color palette with an emphases on grey and navy tones. I cannot live without cardigans and sweaters which is why Fall is my favorite season and as far as shoes go, I am a sucker for booties.

This look mixes a combination of summer and fall pieces to accommodate Chicago’s irregular, regular weather transition from hot as hell, to too damn cold.


My daughter, Tinkerbell, making her #GlamRika debut


IMG_0718.jpgI paired a mid length tube dress (a staple summer piece) with a denim button up and navy blue vest. The bottom of the dress is cut at an angle, making way for my sexy chicken legs to come through.



To amp up this look I swapped out my everyday stud earrings, in place for some big gold hoops! The gold earrings match my gold watch, and the gold logo on the tongue of my Adidas



To keep everything casual, I finished this look with an Adidas classic – the white and black striped Superstar shoes. This is my first time owning a pair and they are so easy to wear. The shoe is easily my favorite part.

What do you all think  about this look? Is it something you would wear during the day to class or running errands?